Please note that, although ClinicBMI has been removed from Google PlayStore, it is still available for re-installation by existing users. The reason for the withdrawal is that Google require applications to be recompiled to use a later version of Android to appear in the PlayStore. As this application was written a very long time ago and the number of users very small, it was felt that because the application is free and will continue to work perfectly ok for existing users, that the cost of software tools to do a rewrite for a later version was not really sensible. If at some point the software is rewritten and resubmitted to the PlayStore, upgrading will be automatic.

Who is ClinicBMI for?

ClinicBMI is an easy to use Body Mass Index calculator for weight control Clinicians, Therapists, Weight-Watchers™ and Slimming World™ group leaders, and for anyone who works with others, or themselves, to work toward a healthier weight.

Enter values in the units of your choice without having to convert them

If your clients tell you their height using feet and inches instead of metres, and their weight in stones and pounds instead of kilograms, no problem! With ClinicBMI you can even have a mixture of both imperial and decimal, e.g. height in inches and weight in kilograms, as ClinicBMI accepts both imperial and metric values in any combination, then calculates the BMI without any fuss.

Use ClinicBMI as a conversion tool

You can also change between imperial and metric at any time to do quick conversions on the values entered, so you can work in your favourite and most familiar units of weight, i.e. kilograms, stones and pounds, or just pounds, and units of height, i.e. metres, feet and inches, or just inches. And when you enter values and then change the units, ClinicBMI will show you the converted values immediately. The good news is that ClinicBMI calculates the BMI regardless of the units you are using, so no more having to do the conversions yourself!

ClinicBMI is suitable for any English speaking person in countries such as the USA, Europe*, and the UK (the reason for this limitation is that I simply haven’t sourced the translations yet!)

*Please note that the explanations contained within ClinicBMI and the program prompts are currently in English only.

Weight Classification and Dietary Targets

ClinicBMI also gives you the clinical classification for the weight -“underweight”, “within guidelines”, “overweight”, “obese”, or “morbidly obese” – and calculates a safe maximum rate of weight loss or gain, and amount, for you.

Always be aware that BMI can only ever be used as a guideline! If, for instance, you are an extreme athlete, your BMI may be up to 30% or more higher than the accepted average, and if you live a very sedentary life then your BMI will need to be noticeably lower than someone who, for instance, has an active life-style. BMI is a very rough way of estimating the ratio between flesh and muscle and body fat, but it is never more than an estimate.

Losing or gaining weight at rates faster than around 1.5lbs (0.68kg) per week is potentially very harmful to our health, as well as being likely to be less sustainable. ClinicBMI calculates how much weight we need to lose or gain, and how many weeks it will take at a safe rate to bring us safely into the generally accepted ideal BMI range. Taking longer to achieve our weight change is almost certainly better as a slower weight loss or gain will also give our bodies more time to adjust. The metabolising of fats and changes in skin elasticity takes time, and it is very important that we avoid metabolising our muscle tissue due to an impatient and too ferocious diet. Our bodies benefit even more from a diet change if it is accompanied by exercise. Please read the next paragraph carefully.

It is important that you always seek medical and dietary advice when wanting to make large changes to your weight. Your doctor will almost certainly encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle at a healthier weight, but they may also have essential advice that is specific to you, advice that takes your age, gender, medical conditions and medical history into account.

ClinicBMI is FREE

ClinicBMI is free from the Google Play Store. You can download it as often as you like and to any number of devices.

ClinicBMI does not contain any ads, nags, or require any special permissions on your phone or tablet. The free version is fully functional.

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Every effort has been made to ensure that this software behaves in the expected way, and it is being supplied in good faith. In the event that you experience a problem with ClinicBMI, please comment via the Google Play Store feedback pages and I will endeavor to fix any issues.

David Lambert
Dip Hyp CS, Dip PC, Adv Dip PC (dist)

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